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She's back! The bestselling winter coat by Dalynnja Le Clerq.

Another favorite is back! Dalynnja Le Clerq's very first Victorian inspired two-piece set... 

A bestselling design, back from the dead and ready to be ordered!

A beautiful 1940s inspired two piece ensemble... 

Available in six different colors. 

A beautiful new 1930s inspired design by Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture...

Available in 6 different colours.

A stunning new design... inspired by the 1940s.

Available in 6 different colours.

A lovely new 1930s inspired day dress.

The elegance and attention to detail of the 1930s holds a very special place in my heart. I hope you all love this one as much as I do.

Available in 6 different colours.

Available to order as a two-piece or three-piece ensemble in 6 different colours.