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Many of my dear followers on Instagram know that I have a pup named Penny Lane. I regularly post photos and videos of her on my Instagram stories. Penny Lane is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the color 'tricolor.' I was able to adopt her with my partner at the beginning of this year through the 'Cavalier in Nood' foundation (translated to ''Cavalier in Need'').


Because I would like to be an active member but am very busy with my company, I have been looking for a way to help the foundation and I think I have found the perfect way!


From now on I will donate a percentage of every order to the Cavalier in Nood foundation.


In this piece I'm going to tell you more about Penny Lane and her origins, about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, what and why the foundation is important to me and how Penny ended up with us.


Penny Lane

My partner and I have had the special opportunity to adopt a puppy earlier this year. We named her Penny Lane. That's the name of the lead actress of my favorite movie; Almost Famous. Penny Lane is just the sweetest, most adorable dog in the world! But that's how everyone feels about their own dog, of course. She makes us laugh every single day and we couldn't be happier with her.

When my sweet little Cavaliers Dobby and E.J. died, I was heartbroken. They were my best friends. My atelier is located at our home, so I always had a dog sitting next to me while I worked. The pleasantness of working from home suddenly changed, I became very lonely.

I got to know the Cavalier in Nood foundation on Facebook and became a member. I followed the stories of the shelter dogs and hoped that one day I could hold a Cavalier in my arms again. My mother became involved with the foundation as well and she is currently active as a "foster mom". This means that she is currently fostering two very sweet Cavaliers named Bindy and Lynnzi. These two Cavaliers are being looked after by my mother and receive medical treatment until they are ready to be adopted by one of the other members of Cavalier in Nood.


Last January I suddenly got a call from my mother; she had very good news for us. My mother had been called by the Cavalier in Nood foundation with the fantastic news that my partner and I had been selected as the perfect match for the adoption of a small puppy! The foundation had a feeling that Ferry and I could be the perfect match for this sweet girl. We wanted nothing more than to be a "forever home" for this sweetheart.

Penny's mother was rescued from a puppymill. Unfortunately, she is a Cavalier with hereditary health problems of which it was not yet clear what this meant for herself and/or for the 4 puppies she gave birth to. There's a chance that some of these health issues will reveal itself to Penny at a later age. The mother dog spent her entire life in terrible conditions in the dog trade and all she had experienced until then was giving birth to puppies. When people (often unknowingly) buy puppies, they don't think of the mother dog. The puppies are sold way too early and the mother dog is left behind to do it all over again. Luckily she has been rescued and can finally enjoy her freedom just like her puppies!


Without the foundation we would not have bought a Cavalier puppy. That's because too many problems and health issues have arisen during the breeding of this breed and more than 90% currently have hereditary diseases. Our boys E.J. and Dobby revealed these hereditary diseases as they grew older and they were barely 8 years old when they passed away.

We absolutely did not want a dog that could come from bad breeding situations because we absolutely did not want to motivate or maintain this. The only way for us was adoption. So when we got the call it felt like it was "meant to be" and we didn't hesitate for a second to accept this unique oppurtunity. As for the risks, Penny Lane is with us now and we are well informed, will take great care of her and couldn't be happier!

The foundation

The Cavalier In Nood Foundation is very important to me, because I think it's incredible what they do for these dogs. The Cavalier has various health problems, such as leaky heart valves, syringomyelia (too small skull for the brain), breathing and joint problems. Because of the work they do they also demotivate buying dogs from bad breeding situations such as puppy mills. And upon admission or adoption, it is agreed on paper that every dog ​​will be neutralized.


Of course not every breeder is bad, and nowadays there are strict rules and requirements that a breeder has to comply with, but I wouldn't do it through a breeder myself anymore. There are plenty of dogs that still need a "forever home"!


Pictured on the left: me with Bindy (left) Lynnzi (middle) and Penny Lane. Bindy and Lynnzi are two Cavaliers who are currently being fostered by my mother until they are ready to be adopted.

Below you can read a few texts about the work that the Cavalier in Nood foundation does, described by the foundation itself. More information can be found on their own website:

Foster care

It happens that an owner can no longer or does not want to take care of his or her Cavalier. When the situation is urgent, the Cavalier in Nood foundation offers the possibility to (temporarily) take in the Cavalier. This happens at one of our foster families. We also take care of Cavaliers that have been rescued from bad breeding situations or neglect. Taking care of a Cavalier takes an average of 1-3 months. The time depends on the necessary medical care and/or socialization. Only when the Cavalier is ready for adoption do we start looking for a forever home. We work with foster families and are active in the Netherlands and Belgium.



It's not easy to get Cavaliers out of bad breeding situations. We now have a broad network with lots of contacts that help us save these Cavaliers. We not only save females but male dogs that are used for breeding as well. In addition, we keep a close eye on sites such as Marktplaats and 2nd hand platforms. Many people don't realize that offering their dog for "cheap" or "free" can be very dangerous. The risk that the dog ends up in bad breeding situations such as puppy mills, serves as a training object in dog fights or is bought up by traders is very high. The Cavalier in Nood Foundation has made great name recognition and because of this we are increasingly tipped off by people if they think that a Cavalier can fall into the wrong hands. We will of course take immediate action.



The Cavaliers we receive are first medically checked and helped. We neutralize immediately if medically necessary, otherwise only between two periods. During the foster period, the Cavalier can rest and/or recover from the medical procedure. Most of the Cavaliers are not socialized either, although a Cavalier learns this surprisingly quickly. Only when the Cavalier is ready for adoption will we make an adoption advertisement. The Cavalier in Nood foundation matches dogs to humans. This means that we look at what the dog needs in terms of owner and living environment. It should be a win/win situation for both dog and new owner. We work with a reassignment contract and a home visit takes place beforehand.



When an owner is looking for a new home for his or her Cavalier, we offer our expertise to find a new suitable owner. Our help is free. We don't care nor ask about the reason why the Cavalier has to be relocated. We only care that the Cavalier will get a good and kind new owner. It is very important to us that the Cavalier ends up well. The Cavalier in Nood Foundation prepares an advertisement for you and can possibly do the preliminary or complete selection for you. Our foundation has the advantage of being the manager of several Cavalier enthusiast and adoption groups on Facebook. It is often a relieve to hand over the mediation so that it is less emotional for you and you can hand over your Cavalier to its new owner with a peace of mind.

The foundation recently carried out a major rescue operation in which several female and male dogs were rescued from Malta. Those Cavaliers have been in puppy mills all their lives and know nothing outside of their small cages. The foundation will ensure that they receive the medical treatments they desperately need until they are ready to be adopted by the other members of Cavalier in Nood. In short, they are incredibly thankful for all the donations they can get!

For more information and adoption advertisements please visit 

If you're located in the Netherlands or Belgium and are interested in following the stories of the Cavaliers they save,  I encourage you to follow their Facebook group ''Stichting Cavalier in Nood''

I hoped you liked reading this and just know that with every design you buy from me, you're helping a Cavalier in need!


For direct donations to the foundation you can donate here:

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You can also buy a Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture calendar with all the beautiful designs of this year! This costs € 10.00 and I donate all proceeds to Cavalier in Nood. You can order it below.